Larson distributes federal lease funds

Larson distributes federal lease funds State Treasurer Vernon L. Larson has announced that over $93,000 has been distributed by the state treasury to counties bordering the Missouri River. The funds come from payments collected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Army Corps of Engineers in fiscal year 2002 for leases on federal lands along the Missouri River acquired for flood control, navigation and other associated purposes.

Federal law requires 75 percent of the lease payments be sent to the state. The total this year is $93,484.64 Larson said. Fourteen counties will share in the money, Larson said.

"Federal guidelines urge counties to use this money for drainage projects or for the benefit of the public schools. However, the funds come with no mandates or restrictions and can be used for any legal expense incurred by county government and approved by the county commission," Larson said. "The state treasury receives these funds from the federal government and distributes the money to those counties qualified to received them."

South Dakota's share of the lease payments is generated from the Big Bend Reservoir, Fort Randall and Lake Oahe projects on the Missouri River. Payments made to the counties include $6,136.98 to Brule County; $55.91 to Buffalo County; $5,606.54 to Campbell County; $13,667 to Charles Mix County; $12,215.85 to Gregory County; $680.21 to Haakon County; $7,963.68 to Hughes County; $45.74 to Hyde County; $8,328 to Lyman County; $6,726 to Potter County; $757.50 to Roberts County; $19,381.05 to Stanley County; $6,352.46 to Sully County; and $5,567.72 to Walworth County.

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