Out of the Past

Out of the Past By Presented by the Clay County Historical Society, Inc. Real estate dealers state there is an unprecedented inquiry for city property this year. The inquiry is not confirmed to residents but a large number of outsiders are considering investments here. The inquiries are for whole blocks or lots with small houses thereon. There is one order for 38 lots within seven blocks of the University.

An invoice of about 75 new books has lately been added to our public library. The number of readers is gradually growing. During January, 700 books were loaned. Last Saturday exceeded the record for any one day, showing 71 books taken out.

The ladies of Meckling are talking of forming a Thimble Club to add to the social activity of that town.

When the Waldorf Hotel was built it was stated and believed by many that the building was too large for the city, that it would be large enough for all five years hence, that a house with more rooms would be useless, an extra expense and a foolhardy undertaking.

Yet last Monday night, scarcely three months after the hotel opened for business, every room in the house was full of transients and regular patrons, and a few were turned away. This simply goes to show that we hardly realize what kind of a town we have got here.

Lee & Prentis "The Old Reliable One Price Store," Cloaks and Jackets $5.50 to $6.00 now only $3.50. Ladies Capes now only $7.00.

Marek's Palace Market, Pork Sausage, 10 cents per pound. Chopped Beef, 10 cents per pound.

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