Quilt historian, curator to visit USD March 13-15

Quilt historian, curator to visit USD March 13-15 Mary Bywater Cross, noted quilt historian, curator, and author, will visit The University of South Dakota, March 13-15 as the 2003 Women's History Month lecturer.

Cross will present an illustrated lecture titled "Treasures in the Trunk: Quilts of the Migration," on March 13 at 7:30 p.m. in Churchill-Haines Laboratory room 118 on the Vermillion campus. Cross's evening lecture will include slides illustrating the quilts of the Great Plains migrations in the 1800s. The lecture is free and open to the public.

On March 15 she will conduct a workshop titled "Treasures from Your Trunk," from 9 a.m. to approximately 4 p.m. at the W.H. Over Museum. Her workshop will enable participants to enhance their ownership of historic quilts as visual records of human experience.

The workshop fee is $40. (Lunch is not included in the workshop fee.) To register, send a check to Mary Bywater Cross, 2141 NW Davis #503, Portland, OR 97210.

A quilt researcher interested in women's history, Cross is the author of two highly praised books. Her Treasures in the Trunk: Quilts of the Oregon Trail received an Award of Merit from The American Association of State and Local History and the Benjamin Franklin Award from the Publishers' Marketing Association. Her second book, Quilts and Women of the Mormon Migrations: Treasures of Transition, has also received high acclaim. In her books and lectures, Cross uses quilts as visual historical records of women's history. Noted author Maureen U. Beecher said, "It has long been assumed that women who do not write leave no record. But as Mary Bywater Cross generously illustrates ? there are ways as good as words with which women speak ? (She) teaches us to 'read' the quilts women made."

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