Rounds names interim secretary of education

Rounds names interim secretary of education Gov. Mike Rounds has named Dr. Tom Hawley, of Madison as his interim secretary of education. Hawley currently is the dean of the College of Education at Dakota State University in Madison.

"Dr. Hawley brings a wealth of experience to this position," said Gov. Rounds on his selection. "The main purpose of the assignment is to prepare the Department of Education for change."

Hawley directs the operations, administration, scheduling and budget processes of the DSU College of Education. Additionally, he supervises the course content, faculty evaluations, curriculum development and academic assessment programs for the teacher education program taught by 15 professors to 400 students annually.

The interim secretary is a strategic leadership role versus an operations role. It will be for a period of three to six months, the length of time it takes to recruit a long-term secretary. The main purpose for this assignment is to:

* Help guide the process for implementation of "No Child Left Behind."

* Establish the recruitment process for the permanent secretary.

* Oversee a department evaluation and efficiency study and reorganize if necessary for the implementation of "No Child Left Behind."

Hawley starts his new job Feb. 18.

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