Senior Spotlight: Rederick says ‘Live it up!’

Senior Spotlight: Rederick says 'Live it up!' by Angelene Crissey Christopher James Rederick was born on March 13, 1985. When growing up, Chris fantasized about becoming a professional basketball player; but now, he's settling on the idea of an electrician.

He plans to get married about four or five years from now and settle down for a great life ahead of him.

Now, you can either find him at his house or at the stockyards. He's best known for saying "cutie" and his last words would be, "Life's a garden, dig it!"

He's played sports all four years of high school; basketball, football, golf, and some track. His idol is Brett Nielsen (because he is a stud), and he likes listening to country music.

His favorite movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and his pet peeve is when people call him by his nicknames when they don't even know him or when people leave food on their face after or during their meal.

Chris tends to leave behind his belt, his school books, and his check book most of the time. His most embarrassing moment is when Tommy Jensen lifted him up by his football pants in football practice and then put him back down while everything fell off.

His funniest moment is watching Andrew break two desks in one day and one prank that he pulled during school was when he took a cap off the one of the salt shakers. His biggest regret is not being nice to some people and he wishes he would of lifted more weights in his time.

Chris wants to say "thank you" to his classmates and to the Nielsen family for supporting him and acting like his second family. His advice to the next year's graduating class: "Live it up! You only get one senior year!"

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