Staff spotlight: Dana White appreciates today

Staff spotlight: Dana White appreciates today by Natalee Martin Also known as D, Dana White was born in Fort Jackson, SC. She has been teaching special education at Wakonda High School since the beginning of this school year. She just graduated from Mount Marty College in May of 2002.

White's pet peeve is slow drivers when she's trying to hurry and another is rude people. Her favorite moment in her teaching career so far would be when she was helping some kids with history/social studies and Jordan Mayer said, "If we lived back then we wouldn't have to learn so much history."

"This struck me funny!" said White.

White's favorite music consists of every thing from disco to The Doors to Christine Aguilera to System of a Down to Sheryl Crow to Dave Matthews Band and many, many more. She is also an avid Tori Amos fan.

White's family includes her daughter Eva. She lives in Yankton, where her mother also lives.

White believes the most important lessons you can learn in life is to appreciate what you have today and to think before you act.

White has many friends she won't forget from her adulthood, namely Tara, Tracy, and Laura. Her advice for graduates is, "Always pursue your dreams and try not to get in over your head" and "prove to the world how great you are. We all have greatness in us."

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