Voegeli receives teaching honor

Voegeli receives teaching honor Tamara Hofer Voegeli of Vermillion, is one of 7,886 elementary and secondary schoolteachers nationwide who achieved National Board Certification in 2002, according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) in Arlington, VA. This year's achievement brings the total number of National Board Certified Teachers¨ (NBCTs) to 23,930.

Voegeli teaches kindergarten at Bryant Elementary in Sioux City, IA. She has been a teacher for 15 years. She holds a bachelor of arts in elementary education and a master of arts in special education.

"These accomplished teachers will not only strengthen the teaching profession, they will also help our students achieve at higher academic levels," said NBPTS Chair Barbara Kelley. "I salute this year's candidates and our new NBCTs. I thank the families, the schools, the school districts, and the universities that supported these teachers in their efforts to achieve National Board Certification."

Founded 15 years ago, NBPTS is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan and non-governmental organization dedicated to advancing the quality of teaching and learning. National Board Certification is a symbol of teaching excellence. A voluntary process established by NBPTS, it is achieved through a rigorous performance-based assessment that takes nearly a year to complete. Through this process, teachers document their deep knowledge of the subject matter they teach, provide a evidence that they know how to teach their subjects to students effectively, and demonstrate their ability to manage and measure student learning.

The national board's success in building a national certification program for accomplished teaching comes at a time when many states are mandating various teacher quality requirements. In addition, the new federal "No Child Left Behind Act" requires that every classroom have a quality teacher by 2005.

Recent research demonstrates that NBCTs bring quality and added value to the classroom. An independent study released by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the fall of 2000 showed that teachers holding National Board Certification outperformed their non-certified peers on 11 of 13 measures. NBPTS has engaged in an independent, rigorous research agenda designed to examine the impact of the National Board Certification system and the effects of NBCTs on the quality of teaching and student achievement in America's schools.

The findings of this three-year initiative will be wildly disseminated to other researchers and the public at large.

"We are firmly committed to research that will help NBPTS continue moving forward in its mission to build a stronger teaching force," NBPTS said Executive Vice President Gary Galluzzo. "Our work will only get better if we are open to rigorous, independent research."

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