Wakonda Cafe fund drive resumes

Wakonda Cafe fund drive resumes With the grand opening of the Wakonda Cafe this weekend, the Wakonda Development Corporation has noted the near completion of the project.

Total construction and equipment costs have exceeded the original estimates by less than 10 percent, which is a very respectable figure. It does however, necessitate the need to raise additional funds.

The final accounting indicates a need for aproximatelly $4,000 to cover the costs.

The development corporation expresses thanks for the wonderful support for the project. Cash and pledges total just over $ 55,000; a tremendous show of community support.

Almost all of that is in cash with just a very small amount in pledges yet to be paid. It also includes nearly 10 per cent of the total figure contributed by out-of-town alumni.

This has been a very fine and appreciated show of loyalty and support.

At the corporation's monthly meeting held Feb. 17. it was decided to make a quick and limited solicitation to raise the additional needed funds. Consequently this is our way of saying to all who have supported the project. Some of you may be asked for additional funds.

For those who are not contacted or who have not been approached any contributions may be made at the First Premier Bank, and will be greatly appreciated.

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