Writings about growing old carry weight

Writings about growing old carry weight by Bob Karolevitz I don�t like to repeat stuff that comes off the Internet because lots of folks have read it before � but the anonymous poem (obviously by and about women) caused me to change my mind.

I don�t know who wrote it, but Phyllis says it�s all too true, and being a dutiful husband, I agreed. It goes:

When I was in my younger


I weighed a few pounds


I didn�t hold my tummy in

To wear a belted dress.

But now that I am older,

I have set my body free.

There�s comfort of elastic

Where once my waist would be.

Inventor of those high-

heeled shoes,

My feet have not forgiven.

I wear a size nine now; but

I used to wear a seven.

And how about those panty


They�re made to fit to


So how come when I put

them on,

The crotch is at my knees?

I need to wear these glasses


The print is getting smaller

And wasn�t it just months ago

That I was one inch taller?

Though hair has turned to

silver and

My skin�s in need of care,

I�m still the same old me


The outside shows the


Of course, men don�t have a problem with age, although I�ve noticed that some guys need longer arms to read with, and they have to take an inch or two off their trousers to keep them from dragging on the ground.

The shrinkage isn�t noticeable around the middle, however!

We now have pills for what we once did naturally. The manufacturers of hearing-aid batteries seem to be making bundles, and the medical clinic is a good place to meet everybody of similar vintage.

But by and large (weight not intended) the old folks are shuffling along, and we are grists for the mill of Internet poets like the author of the one above, whoever she may be. At least we are good for something!

� 2003 Robert F. Karolevitz

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