Young authors, young illustrators take part in reading council contest

Young authors, young illustrators take part in reading council contest by Heather Hessman Every year the Vermillion Valley Reading Council conducts a contest allowing the area's best writers and artists to showcase their talents.

This year's Young Illustrators local winners are: kindergarteners � Mackenzie Goeden Lauren Sokolowski and Taylor Lyso; first-graders � Devon Brewer and Makayla Mohr; second-graders � Breanna Johnston, Mariah Larson and Ben Holman; third-graders � Lauren Mews, Logan Erickson and Pearl Gaidelis; fourth- graders � Roxannae Polley and Dylan Halvorson; seventh- graders � Katie Sokolowski, Lucas Gravel and Jordan Mayer; eighth-graders � Amy Luxem, Phillip Devine and Jessica Vollmer.

This year's Young Authors local winners are kindergarteners � Tyler Madsen, Brent Gildery and Lauren Sokolowski; first-graders � Josie Huber, Makayla Mohr and Devon Brewer; second- graders � Mackenzie Huber, Mariah Larson and Jake Vollmer; third-graders � Samantha Smith, Pearl Gaidelis, Janae Johnson and Logan Erickson, Jordan Johnston and Michael Peterson; fourth-graders � Jordan Nelsen, Chad Peterson, Roxanne Polley and Nicole Schroeder; fifth-graders � Daniel Sokolowski, Justin Polley, Casey Hessman and Matt Brue; sixth-graders � Vincent Varileck, Kelli Johnston and Andrew Ganschow; seventh-graders � Christopher Nelsen and Katie Sokolowski; eighth-graders � Patrick Morrison, Brittany Rederick and Bo Martz; sophomores � Jeanie Stockland and Alex Nielsen; juniors � Emma Jensen and Kim Henriksen.

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