Clubs Seniors catch spring fever

Wednesday, March 12 found the weather promising � great weather coming. Nineteen pitch and 24 bridge players had spring fever so they came to the Senior Center to sharpen their skills with cards and to visit with their friends and neighbors.

Bridge prizes went to Barb Kronaizl, first; Louise Scott, second; Meryl Reed, third; Phyllis Christol, fourth; Marlys Miler, blind bogey; and Lola Christensen, low.

Refreshments for coffee break were furnished by Fran Moore, Sig Nissen and Louie Fostvedt.

If you and your friends or neighbors care to come, many other games such as rummy, five hundred, board, or any other games can be arranged. Men and women are welcome to get together and meet for an afternoon of fun and conversation. No reservations are needed.

New players join Dominoes Group

The Dominoes Group added two new players, Barb Larson and Nyla Fostvedt, March 11. The first hour was spent teaching and then on to the game. Vaneta Youngworth was low while Russ Heikes and Louise Eklund were kept busy adding their scores. Verle Lawrenson was the mid-point winner.

Jayne Merrigan won five rounds and Mary Bartels was caught with the blank domino a couple of times (love that extra 100 points!). We encourage you to come and join us � we are happy to show anyone how to play � it is addictive so beware!!

New president presents plans

Alpha Lambda chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International met at the home of Mary Geffre Johnson March 6 for a 6 p.m. dinner. Members wore something "green" to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Following the dinner, an educational program was presented by Dorothy Wright entitled "Step Out With ESA." Wright displayed her collection of Raine shoes and gave the history behind each one. She proudly announced that she has a total of 18 in her collection. Various activities will be carried out for the year using the shoe theme.

Wright, newly elected president, presented her plans for the year. Newly appointed committees were selected and informed of their duties. Monthly philanthropic ideas were given to the membership for their consideration. The nursing home, Civic Council, back to school supplies, public library, senior citizens and comfy bags for the abused received top priority.

The chapter made generous donations to several community projects namely Hospice, public library, St. Jude/Circle of Life, Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Sioux Valley Care Center, Welcome Table/Hats for Hope, and After-Prom Party.

Peggy Mollet was recognized for her birthday on March 8. Maryln Harnois won the hostess gift.

The next meeting will be held April 3 with Luann Ouellette and Sandie Sullivan as hostesses.

Hope Haven director speaks to Rotary

The global effort of Hope Haven International Ministries of Rock Valley, IA, to provide free wheelchairs to persons with disabilities was reviewed for Rotary members at their meeting Tuesday noon.

Mark Richard, Hope Haven's director of operations, told Rotarians that since 1994 his organization has distributed over 30,000 wheelchairs in 80 countries, mostly developing nations. this remarkable record has been possible, he said, only because of volunteer efforts involving thousands of persons who assist with manufacturing, repair, transportation and distribution.

Rotarian Bud Marshall coordinates volunteers in Vermillion for one of Hope Haven's repair sites, and SESDAC provides space for this activity. More volunteers are always welcome. Inmates of the South Dakota State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls represent one of the larger "shops" where used and discarded American wheelchairs are recycled for use abroad.

Because Hope Haven has always experienced a shortage of wheelchairs for children and youth, Richards said the organization has recently partnered with a firm in Bozeman, MT, for the manufacture of innovative mobility for young persons. Emphasis for these products is that they be flexible enough to accommodate the recipients growth, yet simple and easy to maintain. Already several thousand of these new units have been distributed in Afghanistan, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Romania, Thailand and Vietnam.

Hope Haven insists that giving wheelchairs alone is not good stewardship. The program includes proper training and support for recipients or their parents, as well as helping countries establish their own maintenance shops and even manufacture. These operations provide local service, employment and empowerment.

Physical therapists, wheelchair specialists and medical doctors are among the kinds of persons who have become regular volunteers in Hope Haven's efforts. Corporate sponsorships and in-kind giving are vital to the program, and Richards told Rotarians that Hope Haven is now so well known in the international wheelchair industry that it has moved into a regular pipeline for donations and tech support.

Rotary meets at the Silver Dollar. Club guests this week were Clem Powers and Dick Sunde and four students from Vermillion High School Anish Patel, Karrie Plate, Hayley Price and Shandani Raidoo.

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