Clubs After prom receives donation

The monthly meeting of Juno Chapter, O.E.S, was held March 10 with W. M. Sigrid Nissen and W.P. Calvin Rosenbaum, protem, presiding.

Juno's organist, Agnes Sealey, was honored with an appointment as grand representative of Maine in South Dakota for three years.

As part of the business meeting, monetary donation was voted for Elk Point and Vermillion high schools "after prom" parties.

Civic Council report was given.

Officers of Marthas and Sentinels will be honored at the April 14 meeting.

Masons and Stars purchased six dining tables. Monthly door prize was won by Grace Bick. Evening refreshments were served be Grace Bick, and Jack and Phyllis Noble.

Pro tem officers were Meryl Reed and Jill Willadsen. All Stars and friends will eat at Mexico Viejo restaurant March 20 at noon.

Dahlin, emeriti have lively discussion

Dr. Don Dahlin, USD vice president of academic affairs, discussed the 2002 academic program review, both the procedure and resulting recommendations during the USD Emeritus Club meeting. A lively discussion followed, regarding almost every recommendation mentioned. Obviously those who have spent many years with, and have retired from USD, still feel a part of it, and were more than willing to give their opinions. Dr. Dahlin stressed the desirability of maintaining and strengthening USD as a strong liberal arts residential institution while adjusting to changes in funding, licensing, staffing, etc.

Dr. Charles Kaufman alerted the emeriti to House Resolution 1016, which, according to Al Asher, who was just recently fired as administrator of SDRS (South Dakota Retirement System), if adopted, could allow the state government to borrow from the retirement funds. Asher maintains that the reason he was fired was because of his acting as "gatekeeper of the members' money."

We are informed that Resolution 1016 has been tabled and will go to committee this summer. Emeritus faculty, and others, are alerted to contact anyone who can be influential in protecting the retirement fund. Steps are underway to contact COHE, SDEA, and others. Let's see to it that our legislators and others are informed.

Copies of Resolution 1016 may be obtained from: Sylvester Clifford, Allen Johnson, your legislators, and the USD Alumni Association.

Rotary learns of life in Denmark

A Rotary exchange student's glimpse of Denmark was brought to local Rotarians Tuesday when USD sophomore Mary Ellen Burns reviewed her experience of two years ago in a community the size of Vermillion just north of the Danish-German border.

A Sioux Falls native and graduate of O'Gorman High School, Burns began her remarks with a brief description of Denmark's size � about half the square miles of South Dakota has � and government � a constitutional monarchy where Queen Margarethe has no political power but is much loved by the people as a link between the country's rich history and its vibrant present.

Burns articulated some of the similarities and differences she saw between the youth of Denmark and her native country. They seem a little less mature to her than American youth, but they are still worldly in terms of their knowledge of public affairs and international relations. Yet there is an even higher suicide rate among Danish young people than among Americans, which she feels may be linked to the somewhat forbidding climate in the winter, with constantly gray skies, and the relatively less opportunity there is in Denmark for a young man or woman to pursue a career of their choice, especially if they stay in their home country.

Burns was hosted by three different Rotary families during her time abroad, all of whom went beyond her expectations in making her feel welcome and a part, however temporary, of their household. She said the experience of living and studying abroad was priceless in terms of adding to her self-confidence and self-reliance and showing her that there are good people all over the world. She recommended that more American youth pursue Rotary and other opportunities for international study.

Guests of Rotary this week were Sioux Falls Rotarian Bob Burns, who is Mary Ellen Burns' father, and Dave Chickering and Anna Koerner. In addition, the club welcomed once again four high school students � Amanda Nielson, Andrew Ofstehage, Nick Olson, and Emily Pier.

Senior Center hosts card players

The center was closed Tuesday because of the snow, so there were no dominoes.

Wednesday afternoon, March 5, there were 43 card players ready for action. There were 21 bridge players with prizes to Monica Ballard, first; Elaine Michael, second; Louise Scott, third; Phyllis Christol, bogey; and a tie for low, Barb Ernst and Luceal Liffengren. There were 22 pitch players with plenty of sets, losers and winners.

Refreshments were by Veronica Heimes, Monica Ballard, Babe Manning, and Dorothy Dahlman.

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