European musicians to perform Sunday

European musicians to perform Sunday Ensemble Galatea, a group of leading European musicians who specialize in the performance of Baroque music on instruments of the period, will present a concert of music written by Italian composers for virtuoso performers of the Baroque era at the National Music Museum on the campus of The University of South Dakota, Sunday afternoon, March 16, at 2:30 p.m.

Heading the group is Bruce Dickey, the world's greatest living cornetto player. The cornetto, which was the virtuoso instrument par excellence of the 17th century, is played with a cupped mouthpiece like those used on modern trumpets, but is made of wood and has finger holes like a modern clarinet.

According to Andr� P. Larson, director of the museum, it will be the first time that such an instrument, of which the museum will have several historic examples on exhibit, will be heard in Siouxland.

The other musicians, all famous in their own right, will be Monica Huggett, the leading English Baroque violinist of our time, Richard Savino, lute and guitar, Paul Beier, lute and theorbo, and Gianluca Capuano, who will play the museum's 17th-century harpsichord by Giacomo Ridolfi.

For ticket information, visit the museum's Web site at: or call 605-677-5306.

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