Industrial Arts project benefits the Wakonda Fire Department

Industrial Arts project benefits the Wakonda Fire Department by Kelly Alexander The Industrial Arts students at Wakonda High School made a bunker gear rack for the Wakonda Fire Department, saving them over $600.

"The fire department will benefit greatly from this," said Wakonda Fire Department Chief Mike Pollman.

The bunker gear rack will be useful by allowing the firemen to hang their coats, hats, pants, and other equipment.

This rack will allow the gear to dry faster and it will save money and time by not having to wash them so often.

As of now, the firefighters hang their gear against the wall which doesn't allow them to dry. With this rack, the gear will come off the wall. This rack is also moveable which will allow them to hang their gear out in the summer weather.

Wakonda community has been recipients of many projects done by the Industrial Arts class under the direction of teacher Ray Krause.

The class has done several projects for the school, farmers, and sports, including feed bunks, shelves for homes, clamps for computers, elementary shelves, stands for the music department, kitchen stands, lectern for classroom, weight sleds for the football team and much more.

The Wakonda community has expressed its thanks to the Industrial Arts class for all of their contributions.

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