Level Orange

Level Orange The Department of Homeland Security in consultation with the Homeland Security Council, has made the decision to raise the national threat level from an Elevated to High risk of terrorist attack or Level Orange. The Intelligence Community believes that terrorists will attempt multiple attacks against U.S. and Coalition targets worldwide in the event of a U.S.-led military campaign against Saddam Hussein. A large volume of reporting across a range of sources, some of which are highly reliable, indicates that Al-Qaida probably would attempt to launch terrorist attacks against U.S. interests claiming they were defending Muslims or the "Iraqi people" rather than Saddam Hussein's regime.

High Condition (Orange)

A High Condition is declared when there is a high risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the protective measures taken in the previous threat conditions, federal departments and agencies should consider the following general measures in addition to the agency-specific protective measures that they will develop and implement:

* Coordinating necessary security efforts with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies or any National Guard or other appropriate armed forces organizations;

* Taking additional precautions at public events and possibly considering alternative venues or even cancellation;

* Preparing to execute contingency procedures, such as moving to an alternate site or dispersing their workforce; and

* Restricting threatened facility access to essential personnel only.

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