Local declam contest winners announced

Local declam contest winners announced by Bethany Parvin Wakonda School held a declam contest for first- through eighth-grade students on March 11.

Two first place winners from each grade and category advanced to districts level held at Wakonda. The categories include rhyme, story, duets, and dramatic.

Declam is when a published, written piece is recited and judged on interpretation, voice, and bodily actions.

First-grade Wakonda students compete in rhyme category. First Place winners were Josie Huber and Preston Larson; second places went to Makayla Mohr and Alexis Logue.

Second-grade first place winners in rhyme were Mackenzie Huber and Alyson Johnson. Second place ribbons went to Eva Barnhart and Jake Volmer. Mariah Larson placed first in story.

Third grade had two first place winners and two second place winners in rhyme. The first place winners were Cody Wagner and Michael Peterson. Second place winners were Logan Erickson and Janae Johnson.

The fourth grade placed in poetry and prose. The poetry first place winners went to Greg Peterson and Jordan Nelsen. Prose winners that advanced were first place winners Dylan Halverson and Chad Peterson.

Fifth-graders placed in the poetry category. The first place winner was Justin Polley. They had three second place winners: Matt Brue, Casey Hessman, and Justin Soklowski.

Participating in three different categories, the sixth- graders competed in story, poetry and duet. In the story category Andrew Ganschow placed first while Lane Stockland placed second. In poetry Arron Ness is the first place winner and Kevin Henriksen is the second place winner.

Jesse Gullikson and Josh Wagner placed first in the duet category and Kelli Johnston and Jennifer Devine received second place.

Seventh-grade winners were Katie Sokolowski with first in humorous, Tasha Goeden in dramatic, and Chris Nelsen in poetry.

Eighth-graders Courtney Nelson and Adrianne Logue placed first in duet and Amy Luxem and Emily Ganschow place second in duet. In poetry, Jessica Vollmer took first place and Mitch Hessman took second.

Andy Jensen received first place for his humor in the humorous category. Patrick Morrison and Sarah Gross both took part in the dramatic category. Morrison took the first place spot while Gross took the second place spot.

All first place winners advanced to district level competition at Wakonda held Wednesday, March 19. Results were not available at press time.

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