Out of the Past

Out of the Past By Presented by the Clay County Historical Society, Inc. C.R. Grange has purchased another team of driving horses for his livery business. They were sold by Piersol of Meckling.

The boys of the high school will give a basket social at the city hall, Friday, evening, March 13. The social is given to secure funds to meet the expenses of the Yankton meets.

Considerable comment was occasioned by the report that the Legislature had passed the anti-football bill. The cause of the discussion was the passage by the House of the bill that had been introduced in the Senate and failed of passage in the last named body, although this fact was not given in the messages. The bill also prohibited the games of ping-pong and checkers and barred old maids with red hair from witnessing any games.

The continued good weather during the past week has improved the roads a good deal and a few more days of sunshine will make them fairly passable.

Sen. Jason E. Payne and Reps. Chaney and Frieberg arrived from Pierre on Saturday and are once more living the lives of common citizens. And we presume they are very well satisfied to get home.

The heavy roads and dense fog did not keep the young people away from the St. Patrick's Day dance at Reilly's Hall last Tuesday. Not only was the attendance large, but all entered into the spirit of the day and had an excellent time.

The people of Vermillion are rejoicing over the gift of $10,000 which the generous hearted philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie has donated to them for a public library.

We are given to understand that two weddings of prominent young people of the city are to be solemnized within the next few weeks.

The servant girl question has been relieved somewhat in this city by the arrival of several good looking and capable girls from Sweden. They all found homes readily enough and it is said have written to their girl friends in Sweden to come over.

The last Legislature appropriated $7,000 for the improvement of West Hall.

This summer promises to beat them all in the matter of building improvements. The activity is not confined to residences, but business section is being built up in an amazing manner.

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