Privacy priority at Sioux Valley Vermillion; hospital prepares for new regulations deadline

Privacy priority at Sioux Valley Vermillion; hospital prepares for new regulations deadline Patient privacy has always been a priority at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center. All medical center staff � from physicians to payroll specialists � are dedicated to protecting patients' privacy.

The new HIPAA (Health Insurance & Portability Accountability Act) privacy regulations provide hospitals and patients with an additional means to help guarantee that patient privacy is a top priority for all providers � hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies � throughout the United States.

Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital is busily preparing for April 14 the deadline for when all of America's hospitals must comply with the new regulations. In addition to these federal regulations, many states and hospitals already have privacy regulations and policies in place.

The new rules are beneficial for patients because they strengthen and set national standards for the privacy of our medical information. They guarantee strong privacy rights to patients and families in a way that puts common sense ahead of bureaucracy. The rules give patients more control over who can see their private medical information.

As an organization dedicated to safeguarding patients' medical records, hospitals want patients to fully understand their medical privacy rights and know how their medical information is used. Sioux Valley Vermillion states that nothing will, however, interfere with its number one priority � caring for patients. The final HIPAA privacy rule finds the right balance. It protects patient information but allows all essential activities to go on, which benefits all.

Make no mistake; the new rules have required sweeping operational changes. They touch every department, employee and contractor of this hospital. But, they are the right thing to do and Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital is committed to making them work for patients and their families and our staff.

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