Public broadcasting to air Dakota Life

Public broadcasting to air Dakota Life South Dakota Public Broadcasting brings viewers along as Dakota Life tracks the thousands of miles long migration of butterflies, on March's all-new edition of Dakota Life. SDPB introduces the work and philosophy of Black Hills Artist Lloyd Krietz. Viewers also meet a man who brings new meaning to the term "time on his hands."

Dakota Life will air Wednesday, March 26, at 8 p.m.

Tagging Butterflies

Each year the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls runs a program where tiny tags are placed on butterflies to track their migration. In the past four years, the campus has had more 40 of their butterflies recovered from their wintering sites in Mexico more than 1,600 miles away.

Dakota Life talks with some of the program's participants, reveals the process and technology involved and discusses the significance of the program's results.

Lloyd Krietz

From his secluded studio near Custer, Lloyd Krietz creates a wide range of art � from large, metal outdoor sculptures to paintings. He is also involved

with a number of educational activities designed to teach children and their teachers about the arts. In this segment, Dakota Life talks with Lloyd about his work and his unique philosophies.

Clock Shop

Kim and Ursala Alten of rural Turner County have turned their appreciation for old-fashioned craftsmanship into a successful family business. Kim is the pastor for rural Turner County First Presbyterian Church. After becoming a pastor, Kim found he missed working with his hands and started fixing clocks as a hobby. Now he often has as many as 13 clocks on his workbench at one time. Dakota Life visits Kim's workshop, talks with him about his intricate work, how he learned this nearly lost art and the ways it has changed his life's philosophy.

Larry Rohrer is host for this unique look at people and places in South Dakota. Dakota Life questions, comments, or story ideas are welcome and can be e-mailed to Each show is also archived for convenient viewing online at

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