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Pulpit Reflections by Rev. Devon Davoux Cornerstone Church Drinking, boozing, and partying are often the activities associated with St. Patrick's Day. But, have you ever stopped some of that activity to reflect on the person you are honoring? Patrick was born on the west coast of Britain about 360 A.D. Although his father was a Christian deacon it is said his dad did it more for the tax advantges than for a love for God.

At age 16 he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and sold as a slave into the service of a local king. On a rainy hillside tending sheep, he met the Lord and his faith was nurtured over the next several months. After he escaped, he felt the call of God to be a missionary to Ireland. His vision was to share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

At the time, Ireland was heavily involved in the occult, magic, and mysticism. He would be imprisoned many times for preaching. Slowly kingdoms would allow him to tell the good news of Jesus Christ.

During his 29 years as a missionary, it is said that Patrick baptized over 120,000 Irishmen, and established at least 300 churches in which the Savior God was owned, the word of God was preached and the triune God was worshiped.

As we draw closer to Easter, we are reminded of the one St. Patrick was enamored by Jesus Christ. Jesus said in John 8:31b-32 "If you hold me to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

The cause of Christ is to free people who are enslaved to sin so they can have a relationship with their heavenly father. Reflecting on St. Patrick encourages us to reflect on his Lord and Savior. Instead of doing all the other stuff associated with the honoring of St. Patrick, grab hold of Jesus Christ whom captured St. Patrick's heart.

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