Senior Spotlight: Crissey tries to treat everyone equally

Senior Spotlight: Crissey tries to treat everyone equally by Ashley Steffen Angelene Lee Crissey who is known at WHS as "Angel," was born Aug. 22, 1985. She says you can always find her at the Yankton Mall or at home. When she was younger she wanted to be a famous singer and now her career interest has changed to become an interior designer.

Her funniest memory at WHS is when Andrew Peterson broke a desk in Mr. Meyer's class. She likes to listen to country and rock music and her favorite movie is Serendipity. While at WHS she has participated in volleyball and basketball. She idolizes Jennifer Love Hewitt and her pet peeve is people that don't listen to her.

She is best known for saying "What?" and her last words are "whatever."

Crissey said she has learned never to take advantage of things, and to treat everything and everyone equally. She would like to thank her classmates for always being there to cheer her up when she was down.

Her advice for next year's graduates is to take everything to the fullest and never quit on anything; these are the best times in your life so don't spoil them.

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