Senior Spotlight: Derek Morris says ‘do what makes you happy’

Senior Spotlight: Derek Morris says 'do what makes you happy' by Angelene Crissey Derek Steven Morris was born March 21, 1984. When he was a young boy, he dreamed of becoming a game warden and has now decided to become an electrician.

He can always be found near the Missouri River when he's out fishing or hunting; his most precious thing to do in the world.

Derek is nicknamed "Morris" in school and has participated in football, basketball, baseball, and Peer Helpers. He is known for saying "moron" many times a day and he likes to idolize himself. Some pet peeves are people who ask stupid questions and people that have no respect for upper classmen.

Derek's favorite movie is Happy Gilmore and he likes to listen to rock music. He tends to leave behind his tools and has pulled a prank on at least everyone in school.

Derek's last words are: "Do what makes you happy but just don't break any laws in the process!" His advice to next year's graduates is: "Have fun as a senior but be responsible, it helps you get ready for the real world where your parents won't be there for you!"

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