Senior Spotlight: Knudson: Enjoy your senior year at Wakonda

Senior Spotlight: Knudson: Enjoy your senior year at Wakonda by Sandra Geuther Lindsay Katherine Knudson was born on July 2, 1985. When Lindsay was growing up, she dreamed about becoming a teacher; but now she wants to become a nurse.

Lindsay's nicknames are "Linds," "Lindsay Lou," "Knutie," and "Sassy." Usually, you can find Lindsay with Catie. Linds is best known for saying, "What can you do?", or "I don't care."

One of Knutie's funniest memories is when the girls in her class had a "Girls Night" and decided to wax their legs. Lindsay's pet peeve is when people pretend to be something that they aren't. One thing she has learned in life is that everything happens for a reason.

Lindsay's favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama and she likes to listen to any kind of music. Her idol is Marion Jones.

The activities Lindsay has participated in are volleyball, basketball, track, peer helpers, teens-in-action, student council, school plays, band, and chorus.

Lindsay wishes she would have been more outgoing when she was younger. Her biggest regret is not taking enough pictures.

Lindsay says she hasn't pulled any pranks during school because she's the perfect little angel in her class.

Lindsay would like to say thank you to her parents and friends for putting up with her for all of these years. Lindsay's advice for next year's graduates is to enjoy your senior year because believe it or not, it goes by really fast.

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