Senior Spotlight: Singing, music are close to Nielsen’s heart

Senior Spotlight: Singing, music are close to Nielsen's heart by Bethany Parvin Kayla Marie Nielsen was born to Jim and Mary Nielsen on Aug. 31, 1984. Nielsen has always been active. Throughout her high school days she has stayed active in sports and volunteering her to time to activities she loves. In fact, she believes that life should have no regrets, only experiences.

Nielsen's idol is Tiger Woods, probably because her favorite sport is golf. She also has been involved in basketball, one-act plays, all school plays, helping out with the boys' basketball stats, and Teens-in-Action.

Music is close to her heart as she is known for singing the national anthem at almost every sporting event, holding a fund raiser for Toys for Tots at her church, and will be singing the anthem at an upcoming Stampede Hockey game.

Her favorite movie is Sound of Music. Her favorite music is country. She can always been found babysitting. Her funniest memory is waxing her legs at Andrea's house.

She tends to leave behind her muffler. She has learned in her years of living that you can't please everyone.

She plans to become a physician assistant while she attends USD. Her advice to next year's graduates is hard work and dedication does pay off in the end.

She would like to thank her teachers for always putting up with her. She would also like to thank her mom and dad and her two brothers. She loves them for being so supportive of her and all the things she does.

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