State’s DENR honors city water department

State's DENR honors city water department Vermillion is Water Department and its certified operators were recognized by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources and have been awarded a Drinking Water Certificate of Achievement Award. The award is for outstanding water system operations and environmental compliance with state drinking water standards for the past year.

The departments certified operators are Vern Hasenbank, Douglas Brown, Terry Bernard, Randy Isaacson, Allen Clark, Curt Haakinson, Tom Kruse, and Wade Mount.

"This award is testimony to the pride the certified operators and this public water system takes in providing water that meets the drinking water standards and is safe for customers consumption," stated the DENR. "With the ever-increasing requirements by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, community drinking water systems must pay close attention on a daily basis to earn this award."

To qualify for the Drinking Water Certificate of Achievement Award, systems and their operators had to meet all of the following requirements for 2002: compliance monitoring, drinking water standards, have published a Consumer Confidence Report, and be in compliance with operator certification requirements.

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