USD student wins award

USD student wins award Mary Pat Bierle, a student in the Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies program at The University of South Dakota, was chosen as the winner of the Vera Way Marghab Award for her paper on "Ethical and Moral Challenges in the 21st Century."

Bierle will present the paper in a lecture at Farber Hall on the campus of The University of South Dakota on March 24 at 4 p.m.

In her essay, Bierle wrote "that the greatest challenge facing us in the 21st century is the need to define the human universals found throughout the diverse cultures of the world's population. Unless we discover and adhere to a 'human ethic' which cuts across national borders and ethnic divisions, we will not survive."

Bierle's paper was selected from about one dozen entries in the contest, which is open to all graduate students in public or private schools in South Dakota.

Dr. Charles Woodard, a professor of English at SDSU who was one of the contest judges, said Bierle's essay was selected because it was "well-written, imaginative and very topical. She addressed the issue in a creative way and was very global in her consideration of the topic."

Bierle said she did not submit a paper from her other coursework. "I was intrigued by the topic and just submitted a paper," said Bierle. "It took me

about six weeks to write and I'm very pleased that it was selected for the award."

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