Wakonda Community Club members meet in new café

Wakonda Community Club members meet in new caf� Thirty members and friends of the Wakonda Community Club gathered at the new caf� for the March 5 meeting.

This was the first time that the club has met in the new caf�. The meeting time was purposely set back to 12:30 p.m., enabling more convenience for patrons of the caf� and for the club as well. There was a considerable amount of business on the agenda.

School and legislative information was presented by Supt. Johnke. Current legislation and athletic scheduling were of considerable interest to those present. Angela Grider, librarian, talked about a number of projects that will be held in the near future. Information relative to the Lewis & Clark observance, as well as computer classes in the not-too-distant future can be obtained from Grider.

The Heritage Manor report was given by the administrator Sheryl Smith. She advised the group of the upcoming Spring Fling on April 5. All department heads were in attendance.

Several items were discussed, voted on and passed:

1. The club will replace a number of the Main Street flower barrels.

2. Mr. Krause and school students will be asked to build a new small portable sign for the intersection at 2nd and Ohio streets.

3. The club also voted to give additional funds to the Development Corp. to complete caf� construction costs.

With membership in the club at 100, there was the need to have volunteers help with the drive. Each year for some time the membership list has been between 150 and 200 members. There has been good support this year from a number of faculty at the school, and that is appreciated. Hopefully most people who work in Wakonda or live in the community will support the Community Club. Dues are $5 per individual and may be paid at the First Premier Bank.

Communications from Prairie Wave and the South Dakota Housing Authority were presented.

The club fund raiser, set for Saturday, April 19 (just prior to Easter), was noted with some extra committee work to be done before next month's meeting set for Wednesday noon, April 2.

Watch this paper for further details.

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