WHS seniors enjoy privileges

WHS seniors enjoy privileges by Kelly Alexander The seniors at Wakonda High School get certain privileges that the lower classmen don't get. They get open campus.

Open campus for seniors began Jan. 14. Open campus allows seniors to leave school during study halls and lunch periods.

The following rules govern open campus privileges:

A.) Vehicles will be off limits during school hours unless you are driving directly to or from home during first or eighth period, or if the principal grants special permission.

B.) Seniors who wish to remain in school during study periods must report to assigned study hall and will be required to comply with all rules governing study halls.

C.) Tardies and absences will not be excused unless the parent notifies the principal. An unexcused tardy or absence, in any class or activity, will result in the termination of open campus for that student for a minimum of 10 school days per violation.

D.) All class work assignments must be completed on time and a grade of C or above must be achieved in all classes. Teachers will be asked to make periodic reports to the principal regarding this matter. Failure to maintain a grade of C or above or failure to complete assignments in any class will result in termination of open campus privileges until work is made up and/or a grade of C or above is attained.

E.) Violation of any other rules or policies governing students at WHS will result in immediate suspension of open campus for said student(s) for a minimum of 10 school days and may result in termination of open campus for the entire class.

Every senior had to sign this contract in order to get senior privileges. Senior privileges are something WHS students get if and only if they get good grades and follow the student guidelines.

Input from WHS seniors:

"I like being able to go home during my eighth hour and have the freedom to leave during noon hour." ��Catie Ganschow

"I like to have the privileges to leave during my study halls." � Lindsay Knudson

These privileges will be useful for those students who are going to college in the fall. This way they learn that there isn't an adult watching them every second of the day.

They learn how to be independent, and not to depend on adults to do everything for them, because when they go to college, they will have to be independent and fend for themselves.

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