Boys’ tennis team opens ’03 season at triangular

Boys' tennis team opens '03 season at triangular By Jim Prosser VHS opened the 2003 boys' tennis season on a cold, windy day in Yankton on April 5 as they faced the Yankton Bucks and Heelan Crusaders in a triangular meet.

Head coach Nick Hovden was positive in the evaluation of his team's performance.

"Our team is very young again this season, but several of the members have varsity experience. We have 15 players on the roster which includes one senior, three juniors and five sophomores who have been working hard at practice, hoping to build off of each future match, and I think we will be a tough team by the end of the season."

Match #1 team scores � Yankton 7, Vermillion 2.

Singles: Rajiv Somepalli (Y) def. Jason Holoch 8-5; Travis Ekeren (Y) def. Geng Wang 8-1;

Cosmo Saunders (Y) def. Nathan Scheid 8-5; Jack Higgins (V) def. Jake Liudahl 9-8 (7-5); David Samsen (Y) def. Steve Foltz 8-2; and Tyler McVay (Y) def. Anthony Rath 8-1.

Doubles: Holoch/Wang (V) def. Somepalli/Ekeren 9-8 (7-5); Saunders/Liudahl (Y) def. Scheidel/Higgins 8-5; Cosmo J.J. Peterson/Tyler Dybsatter (Y) def. Foltz/Rath 8-3.

JV singles (exhibitions) no team scores: Ben Lambertz (Y) def. Dan Day 8-2; Andy Gull (Y) def. Anish Patel 6-1; Ben Lambertz (Y) def. Harsh Patel 6-1; Dan Day (V) def. Neil Reiner 8-2; and Alex Kulhel (Y) def. Dan Day 8-2. In doubles: Anish Patel/Harsh Patel (V) def. Shawn Obr/ Andy Gall 8-4.

Match #2 team scores � SC Heelan 5, Vermillion 4.

Singles: Holoch def. Brian Ratino (H) 8-1; Joe Griesel (H) def. Wang 8-6; David Stoas (H) def. Scheidel 8-53; Higgins def. Steve Kuehl (H) 8-3; 10-7; Foltz def. John Jarman (H) 8-5; and Jeff Jansen (H) def. Rath 8-2

Doubles: Wang/Holoch def. Ratino/Stoas 8-5; Greisel/Jarman def. Higgins/Scheidel 8-3; Kuehl/Jansen def. Foltz/Rath 8-3.

JV singles: Dan Day (V) def. Chris Tott 9-8 (7-4) and Jake Braunger (H) def. Anish Patel 8-4.

Members of the team who were not in the competition at Yankton were Ryan Powell, Keshav Arogyaswamy, Jeff Donnelly, Chris Jensen, Angad Mathur, and Kapil Boggavarapu.

The Tanagers were at Mitchell Friday, April 11 and entertained Brandon Valley Tuesday, April 15.

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