Clubs Card players have chance for drawing

The March 31 last Monday fund-raiser card party at the Senior Center had 12 bridge, six pinochle, and seven pitch players gathered for an afternoon of enjoyment with chances at the drawings.

Bridge winners were Jim Prosser, high; Adeline Isaacson, second; Louise Scott, low. Drawings went to Dee Grabowski, who won the $5 door prize, and Anna Lawrensen, Adeline Isaacson, Louise Scott and Jim Prosser, who each won $2 drawings.

The coffee break server was Shirley Raab.

The weather was great and everyone had a delightful afternoon.

Seniors enjoy fast-paced games

Mexican Train Dominos were enjoyed by 12 players at two tables on Tuesday, April 1. Babe Manning and Jayne Merrigan had high and Jane Kugler and Russ Heikes had low at each table. The group enjoyed good company and a fast pace of dominos for the afternoon.

The Wednesday card party had 24 bridge and 23 pitch players on April 2. High in bridge was Maurice Erickson, Elaine Michael was second, Marlys Miller was third, Monica Ballard, fourth, Karine Amundsen blind bogie and Luceal Liffengren, low.

Servers for coffee break were Shirley Riehle and Adeline Isaacson.

Come join us; no reservations needed.

Historical society holds winter gala

The Union County Historical Society's annual Winter Gala was held Jan. 20 at the Elk Point Country Club. Eighty-nine friends of the Union County Historical Society and Museum spent an enjoyable evening which included a wonderful dinner served by the country club and the delightful music of Patsy Cline presented by Joni Kjar.

We did not hold a meeting in February, as the museum was closed until March 1.

The March meeting of the Union County Historical Society was held on March 17 at the museum in Elk Point. The secretary's and treasurer's reports were read and approved.

The treasurer will be submitting the financial reports for 2002 to the accountant for auditing in April.

Acquisitions for the period since the last meeting are: A copy of the Declaration of Independence, a framed history of South Dakota, Pointer Cap, John Tracey photo albums from Roland Chicoine; the story of our county from Mary Jane Rosenbaum; Missouri River map from Fern Chicoine; scrapbook from Florence Demers; 171 Ideal magazines and two Life magazines from Joyce Nickolisen; DeJong Family History, Alexis to Zelda from Terry DeJong;

Pictures of Grabbe Park boat and dock from Vivian Abraham; invoice from Spink from Robert Jensen; a copy of A.O. Ringsrud obituary, photo of River Sioux Band, photo of Renner Air Service, Sioux Falls, photo of Harold Tennant from Dorothy Ringsrud; Lewis & Clark newspaper from Kathie Gernomo; wooden loom and metal loom from Mary Margaret Brown; hats, gloves and purse from Eunice Jorgensen; Prairie Beat, Letters of a Woman Homesteader, Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey, Inheriting the Land, The Uprooted, a copy of Argus Leader, Timothy Curry's Navy Academy uniform (Drum & Bugle Corps), blue chiffon dress, Navy blue velvet dress uniform from Cathy Curry; 100# practice bomb from WWII (Elk Point Practice Range) from the VFW; various articles on loan from several people for use in the 1806 Lewis & Clark Campsite display in the museum.

The Sands of Time, our quarterly newsletter, will be arriving in mailboxes soon. Joni Kjar, our editor, is nearly finished with the spring 2003 edition. Please remember to send in your stories, articles, announcements, humor, etc., as we are always in need of good material to include in our publications.

Those in attendance were able to view the "Lewis & Clark Campsite" display set up in the front of the museum. The site includes a tent complete with contents, a campfire, log and hatchet, rocks, tree and vegetation. Several prairie dogs and a rattlesnake can be also be found "hiding" in the display.

A large photo of Patrick Gass, given by his great-grandson Eugene Painter, completes the display. While enjoying the visual arrangement, we have arranged for visitors to listen to a taped interview with Eugene Painter, as he tells the story of the life of Patrick Gass.

It was decided that the museum will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. beginning March 1 until Dec. 1. There will be extended hours during the months of June, July and August.

We will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. The museum is always available for private tours at anytime of the year.

We will be inviting Dr. Herschel and Jacqueline Stroud, Topeka, KS, to make a presentation of their Civil War re-enactment in October. A community event showcasing the Stroud's performance will be scheduled as a fund raiser. Additional events involving the schools in Union County are also being planned while the Strouds are in Elk Point.

Sherri McKee, PeeWee Kincaid and Tom Burns will be attending the Association of South Dakota Museums' annual meeting in Pierre on April 4, 5 and 6.

There was much discussion regarding the Vondrak Doll Collection, however, no action was taken at this time.

Our program presenter for the evening was long-time Union County Commissioner Roger Boldenow. He began by explaining his family connections to Union County which included his grandfather, James Cates of Civil Bend Township and Earl "Skip" McGillicuddy. Roger supplied the group with many interesting statistics and explained several topics, such as the Catastrophe Legal Fund, E911 Service, Planning and Zoning and Indigenous Health Services. We all left the meeting with a better understanding of our local government.

The next meeting will be Monday, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the museum. The program will be presented by Alice Mollett.

Monroes address Emeritus Club

Drs. Don and Virginia Monroe enlightened the club on current conditions in Taiwan and entertained us with their accounts of interesting personal experiences with language, foods, travel, etc. They taught English at various levels including to Taiwanese teachers of English, and, during their second year, also conducted a radio show titled "It's Only English." Their presentation was enhanced with colorful photographs and enlivened by a question/answer session addressing a wide variety of topics, such as: "What became of the ancient native head hunters?" (Farber asked that one!) and "What is the popular opinion in regard to reuniting with mainland China? The answer to the first was "We don't know," and to the second, "A very complex mixture of opinions were expressed to us."

Wayne Knutson reported that the metal fence for the Shakespeare Garden has not yet been completed, and that there are some complications regarding past billing. He thinks the billing problems (a previous agreement with the administration seems to have been overlooked or forgotten) can be corrected, and that the fence will be completed soon. The delay with the fence had nothing to do with the billing. Wayne will update us at the May meeting.

Judy Sebesta will bring us information gleaned from her trip to mainland China at our May 7 meeting. This should be especially interesting following so closely the report on Taiwan.

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