Learning opportunities plenty in small schools

Learning opportunities plenty in small schools by Ashley Anderson The Wakonda School may only have a few hundred students within its walls, but the learning opportunities that can come with small size is plentiful.

Kindergarten through 12th grade all attend Wakonda Public School under the same roof. The sophomore English class is taking advantage of the convenience of across-grade curriculum by creating a book for the second grade class.

The 10th-graders are teaming up on each second-grader to interview and spend some time with them to determine what their interests are. Their interests, names, friends, family, and pets will become the basis for the story line of the books. The second-graders have created artwork to be incorporated into the book as well.

The high schoolers will read it to the whole class and present their child with their gift � a brand new customized book, illustrated by them.

High school English teacher, Stacy Huber, created this unit as part of her student teaching experience 10 years ago.

"The older students love to spend time with these second-graders, and they learn just as much from the younger students and vice-versa," Stacy Huber, high school English teacher, said.

Huber also said that asking her students to create for someone they know makes the students want to make a better project.

"Sometimes smaller is better. Because all grades are in the same building, we can walk right down the stairs to the second grade classroom," adds Huber. She hopes to create more projects that unite the young students with the older ones.

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