Meeting well attended as plans are made for annual fund-raising event on April 19

Meeting well attended as plans are made for annual fund-raising event on April 19 Attendance was outstanding at the Wakonda Community Club's April 2 meeting. Thirty-two people were present for the noon luncheon meeting that was catered by the Wakonda Community Cafe.

Agenda included an introduction of the newest business in Wakonda: Dakota Screening. The business is located in the former library building on Main Street and is owned and operated by Mark and Julie Nelsen. Mark was welcomed and encouraged by club members. He gave an interesting explanation of their work and products.

The school report was given by Superintendent Johnke and Angela Grider had some items that referred to the library. The Lewis & Clark lectures are well attended and the computer classes were scheduled to begin on April 3.

Sheryl Smith, administrator, reported for Heritage Manor. She told of the Spring Fling which was scheduled for Sunday, April 6. Paula Rickford, activities coordinator, had several

comments and expressed an interest in volunteers.

One of the main business items was the annual Community Club Fund Raiser scheduled for Saturday, April 19. The club for many years depended on the big fund raiser that was held near St. Patrick's Day, but in later years we have gone to the Saturday before Easter.

There has been good response to the annual lunch/bake sale/white elephant event and we hope that will again be well supported.

There is another part to our fund raising this year and it appears in a separate article in this paper. We have agreed to purchase new "flower barrels" for the downtown area and this is no small undertaking.

The club will again sponsor the Easter egg hunt. Watch for details on posters in town. Another event scheduled for a bit later is clean up day tentatively set for Wednesday, May 8. We are hoping to secure school and town cooperation for this event. There will be further information as we get closer to the date.

Continued support for the scholarship fund was affirmatively voted on and the membership requested the continuation of the current officers for the club for another year.

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