Melby accuses Kozak of committing perjury

Melby accuses Kozak of committing perjury by David Lias A Vermillion man who owns property along Chestnut Street has accused Mayor Roger Kozak of committing perjury during a court hearing in early February.

In a letter to the editor in this week's Plain Talk, Neil Melby claims that Kozak, "during the court trial, gave false and misleading testimony while under oath, testimony which was then impeached during cross examination."

"That, in itself, is an absolute lie," Kozak said. The mayor said he was asked during the court hearing whether he made a specific comment at a certain date.

"I said I didn't recall," Kozak said. "Then they played a tape of the public hearing that was held at the fire station, and they asked if I recalled that, and I said, 'yes, I do.' So they're saying I lied when I said I couldn't recall it."

Judge Glen Eng makes no mention of witnesses lying under oath in his ruling. He admonished the Melbys and Jeanette Stone, petitioners in the case.

"The court on the record condemns the late bringing of this action," he stated.

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