New State Library cards are here

New State Library cards are here The South Dakota State Library and South Dakota Arts Council are pleased to announce the arrival of new State Library cards featuring fourth-grader Alyssa Morgan's winning drawing in the Kids' Create! contest.

The image depicts a young red-headed girl sitting in a library indulging in her love of reading. To see what the new State Library cards will look like, please visit the following Web address:

While patrons are not required to change to the new card, all patrons are given the option. If a patron wishes to have a library card with the new artwork, they can contact the State Library at 1-800-423-6665 and request a new card. The issuance of a new State Library card will then render the old card invalid. New cards will not be issued to current State Library patrons without a direct request from the patron.

If you do not currently have a State Library borrower card and would like to get one, there are three ways to do so. You can visit the State Library in person (800 Governors Drive, Pierre). You can visit the State Library virtually at http://www

derlibrarycard.htm. Or, you can call the State Library (1-800-423-6665) to request an application. All newly issued State Library cards will have the artwork on them.

Morgan's winning image was chosen from 945 other outstanding entries submitted from 41 South Dakota communities as part of the Kids' Create! contest. Sponsored by the South Dakota State Library and the South Dakota Arts Council, the contest for students in grades K-5 called for young artists to submit drawings of what libraries and reading meant to them.

South Dakotans without local libraries may request books and other library services directly from the State Library by calling 1-800-423-6665, by logging on to, or by mail at State Library, 800 Governors drive, Pierre, SD 57501.

The South Dakota State Library provides free library services to all South Dakotans, either through their local library or directly. Alternative formats such as Braille and audio) are also available.

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