Offer full ride to one of our own

Offer full ride to one of our own No doubt PFC Jessica Lynch and her family are being inundated by individuals and organizations who sincerely want to do something to help them.

They're probably also being pestered by people who want to exploit Lynch's heroics during Operation Iraqi Freedom for personal gain.

The University of South Dakota took a big chance of falling into the latter category this week when President James Abbott offered Lynch a full-ride offer to attend USD.

In a letter to the rescued POW, Abbott wrote, "According to media coverage, one of the reasons you chose to enlist in the military was to help pay for your college education. The purpose of my letter, as a token of our thanks for what you have endured for our country, is to offer you a full scholarship � tuition, fees, room and board � to attend The University of South Dakota."

We'd feel better if USD would offer a full ride to one of its own after Operation Iraqi Freedom is over.

Several USD students have interrupted their studies to participate in the current military action.

Surely at least one of them deserves the same consideration that's being offered to Lynch.

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