Out of the Past

Out of the Past From the files of the Plain Talk, April 1903

Presented by the Clay County Historical Society, Inc.

In the presence of about 60 relatives and friends Elmer Spensley and Gertrude Coffield were last evening united in marriage by Rev. J.W. Taylor of the Methodist Church. The event took place in the home, which the young people will occupy on National Street in North Vermillion.

The County Commissioners have been in session since early Tuesday morning, and are wading through a mass of business that has accumulated during the last three months. The Commissioners hope to finish by Saturday.

Graduating exercises of the 8th grade students of the country schools will be held in the Methodist Church Wednesday evening, August 19th. A class of thirty one will receive diplomas.

Charley Cayce and several of his young friends are contemplating enlisting in the regular army.

C.J. Gunderson and C.H. Barrett were soliciting funds for the lots and necessary expenses for the Carnegie library. They were very successful, not one man whom they solicited refused to contribute.

Superintendent Collins returned Wednesday from Boise City, Idaho, where he was an applicant for the city schools. He was disappointed in his quest, but there were some fifty-nine others in the same predicament.

With the advent of warmer weather the frost has come out of the ground, and the sewer ditches are sinking regularly or spasmodically all along the line. A horse and buggy sunk into a hole in front of Grange and McVickers store Wednesday, but it happened that the horse was moving slowly and no serious accident occured.

Postmasters hereinafter will not be permitted to rent boxes to minors without the written consent of their parents. The order was made by the post office department to correct an abuse growing out of the fact that minor girls rent boxes and open up correspondence with outside parties, and in that way keep the correspondence a secret from their parents.

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