Sargent is PRIDE employee

Sargent is PRIDE employee Deb Sargent, environmental services team leader, was selected as the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center March 2003 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Deb has been employed at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center since January 2002.

"Deb is a real team player. She deserves to be awarded this honor. She makes working here a good place to work. Deb is a hard worker, and is a joy to be around. A good leader too. Deb is a very hard worker and dependable! Deb is always willing to help anyone in other areas besides her own. Great job, Deb." These are just a few of the comments made in employee of the month nominations for Sargent.

"Deb has been such a positive force on our Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center team. She takes total responsibility for her area and is quick to lend a helping hand in others. Her sense of humor makes her a pleasure to work with and she displays PRIDE in everything she does. We are proud to have Deb as part of our team," said Barb Kingsbury, environmental services department manager.

Sargent has 10 children and 17 1/2 (one on the way) grandchildren and resides in Vermillion.

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