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School Comments by Dr. Robert Mayer The dedication for the high school facilities addition was in December 2001. At that time we mentioned how fortunate we were to have such wonderful facilities for our students and community. More than a year later we continue to be very appreciative of this facility addition that the citizens of this community have provided.

We constantly hear compliments from residents and visitors about the new facility, especially the theatre. This fine arts complex has allowed us to host the regional one act play and instrumental music contests. Several hundred people came to our community for those events. The new theatre has allowed us to showcase our fine arts program which we believe is exceptional. Vermillion High School has always had great musicians and thespians. Now it is so much easier to appreciate their talent. Please come to a play or concert. I promise you will not be disappointed.

There is one area that we neglected to finish in the project. That incompletion involves a sign that identifies the high school. The school board recently discussed this issue and will provide signage. The idea surfaced that someone may wish to donate a sign in memory of a loved one or for some other reason. There have been donations already made to the new facility. Scoreboards were donated for the two gyms by the Stewart family in memory of their parents, Don and Katie Stewart and by the First National Bank of Vermillion. Jones' Food and Ace Hardware donated paint for a face lift of the main gym. We are grateful for these donations.

There are many different types of signs and of course many different prices. If anyone is interested please contact me at 677-7000.

On behalf of all of us who use the new facilities we once again extend our appreciation to the citizens of our school district. If you have never seen the facility addition please call me or high school principal Curt Cameron 677-7035 and we will give you a tour.

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