Senior Spotlight: Ganschow plans to become school counselor in future

Senior Spotlight: Ganschow plans to become school counselor in future by Sandra Geuther Catherine Claire Ganschow was born on July 8, 1985. When Catie was little she thought she might like to be Santa Clause or Mrs. Clause when she got bigger, but she wasn't sure which one was better. Perhaps realizing the stiff competition for that job, she now thinks of pursuing a career as a school counselor.

Catie plans to attend Dakota State University in Madison next year to start her education as a counselor. Until then Catie has lived many memories during her 13 years at WHS.

Her funniest memory is when Andrew broke his desk in geography. She plans to marry absolutely nobody! Her pet peeve is when people tend to chew their gum loudly. Catie tends to leave behind her government book.

When not looking for her book, Catie can be found at Viborg or with Lindsay. She is best known for saying, "Big A, do you have any gum?"

Catie's most embarrassing moment was when she tumbled down the stairs in at school because her boots were too big. Her favorite movie is Beauty & the Beast and her favorite music is country.

The activities Catie is in are volleyball, softball, Peer Helpers, and Teens-in-Action. Mr. Muth and Kayla are her idols.

Catie hasn't pulled any pranks during school because she was too afraid to get caught. She doesn't have any regrets.

Catie would like to thank her teachers for always being there when she needed help. Her advice to next year's graduates is don't procrastinate and enjoy your senior year; hopefully, you will only have one!

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