Senior Spotlight: Peterson will serve in the U.S. Air Force

Senior Spotlight: Peterson will serve in the U.S. Air Force By Ashley Anderson Evan Peterson, the son of Chuck and Nadene Peterson, was born Nov. 24, 1984. He has been a resident of Wakonda his entire life, and grew up on a farm just outside of the community.

When Peterson was younger he thought he was going to be a super hero like Batman, but now he has decided on more realistic goals.

He plans on training as a structural apprentice in the Air Force.

Peterson doesn't plan on marrying in the near future. In fact, the one thing he does regret is not spending more time with his buddies.

But, he does admit that he most likely would be found wherever the "good lookin'"girls are hanging out.

What has frustrated Peterson the most is his tendency to leave behind anything that seems to be important. This is why leaving Wakonda and the only friends and family he has ever known will be so tough.

When he thinks back on his high school years at WHS, he will remember his most embarrassing moment, breaking his wrist; and his funniest moment, sledding with John and Ashley.

Activities that will miss Evan next year are football, track, and 4-H.

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