USD offers full-ride to war hero Jessica Lynch

USD offers full-ride to war hero Jessica Lynch In recognition of her heroism and as a token of what she endured for her country, PFC Jessica Lynch has been offered a full-ride to attend The University of South Dakota. The offer was extended to Lynch in a letter dated April 3 from President James W. Abbott. A copy of the letter is attached.

In his letter to PFC Lynch, President Abbott wrote: "According to media coverage, one of the reasons you chose to enlist in the military was to help pay for your college education. The purpose of my letter, as a token of our thanks for what you have endured for our country, is to offer you a full scholarship � tuition, fees, room and board � to attend The University of South Dakota. We need more young people like you who are well on their way to becoming the future leaders of tomorrow. And while you clearly possess tremendous leadership abilities, we would like to help you hone your skills and prepare you for whatever profession you so desire. We would truly be proud to count you as one of our students."

Abbott closed the letter to PFC Lynch with a message from everyone at the USD. "Please consider our offer when you have time to recover and reflect on your future," Abbott wrote. "Know that we are all thinking of you here at the U. You have touched our hearts and we wish you all the best."

The scholarship for PFC Lynch will be funded by the USD Foundation. In 2002, The University of South Dakota Foundation raised approximately $2 million for scholarships and a total of $7 million in total support was provided to the university.

The Foundation was also able to add significant new scholarship endowments, begin construction on the privately funded Neuharth Media Center, complete funding for the Dean Belbas Student Center (the Old Armory), support of the university's innovative Palm project for incoming freshmen and a host of other key areas of support.

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