USD seminars focus on business principles

USD seminars focus on business principles The University of South Dakota School of Business announced a new program designed to further the professional development of people in the region.

The Business Development Institute will hold a series of five seminars on the USDSU campus in Sioux Falls that will be delivered by a unique combination of experienced faculty members and industry experts.

Dr. Kumoli Ramakrishnan, director of the program, said "This is essentially going to be targeted at business managers that do not have a formal exposure to business education. They will get a fairly complete overview of business principles, exposure to academic and business leaders and a network of peer participants," said Ramakrishan who is also associate professor of business at USD. "There are no other programs in the state that are customized and targeted in this fashion."

Every aspect of business � from operating environment scanning to accounting, from finance to marketing, management and leadership, is covered by the program.

Al Kurtenbach, a featured speaker in the new program and chairman and co-founder of Daktronics in Brookings, said this is something he's long desired for his employees.

"We need to transition South Dakota from a land where people are exported for education and employment to one where those needs are met here," Kurtenbach said. "This program is a good partnership between The University of South

Dakota and private business that provides a stimulating environment for continuing education that you can't get on the job."

Featured speakers include Kurtenbach; Land's End former marketing expert, Mike Gillispie; Dr. Suresh Subramanian of the Waitt Family Foundation; Robert Hollingsworth of Deloitte & Touche; former senior finance director of PepsiCo and CFO of Coleman Melissa Orme; and Sioux Falls venture capitalist Steve Kirby.

The five monthly sessions begin May 16 and last through Sept. 27. To provide maximum interaction, enrollment in the program is limited to 20 participants. For information on registering, call (605) 677-5546 or

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