Vermillion police conduct alcohol sting

Vermillion police conduct alcohol sting The Vermillion Police Department recently conducted a sting operation to identify businesses who unlawfully sell alcohol to individuals who are underage. A total of 23 businesses where tested. Six were in violation of the law by selling alcohol to individuals under the age of 21.

The six violators were a combination of convenience stores, restaurants and bars. In many cases, the driver's licenses, which were valid and displayed dates of birth indicating the individual was underage, were checked before selling the alcohol.

The establishments were Bunyan's, Charcoal Lounge, Freedom Convenience, Mexico Viejo, Pizza Hut and Silver Dollar Restaurant. The police department will seek charges against both the individuals who conducted the transactions and the business establishments.

The remaining 17 businesses that followed the law by refusing to sell alcohol were Carey's, Casey's, Coastal Mart, Coyote Convenience, Hy-Vee, Jones' Food Center, Leo's, Little Italy's, Main Street Pub, Press Box, Pro's, Pump and Stuff, Pump N Pak, Shop EZ, Texas Roadhouse, Vermillion Liquor Store and Westgate Pub.

"I commend those businesses that demonstrated responsibility by refusing to sell to individuals who were underage. Unfortunately, over 25 percent of the businesses failed to demonstrate that responsibility," said Vermillion Police Chief Art Mabry. "The fact that in some cases the driver's licenses were checked and the alcohol was still sold is disturbing.

"The police department will continue conducting random tests and will pursue more serious consequences toward those businesses that are habitual offenders," he said.

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