Where are last year’s foreign exchange students?

Where are last year's foreign exchange students? by Ashley Anderson Did you ever wonder where the 10 foreign exchange students that attended Wakonda last year are today? Most are back in their countries, but some have made America their home, at least for now.

Jeff Tam from Hong Kong, who lived with Joann Ganschow, is now attending school at Purdue University. Emily Chan from Hong Kong, guest of Tom and Margo McCue, is attending school in Utah.

Ceasar Minor of Mexico, who also lived with the McCues, is back at Mexico attending high school.

The Henriksen family hosted Christin Woelfel, and she is back in Germany still going to school.

Julia Witkowski, who lived with Judy Swenson, is back in Germany with her family attending school as well.

Ilias Asanov, who lived with the Nielsens, is in Kazastan attending school.

The Sharples family hosted Hong Kong resident Brian Li, and he is back at his home town attending school.

Marc Ehler, who lived with the Petersons, is back at his home in Germany attending school.

Markus Kopelke, also from Germany, stayed with the Hessmans during his year in America. He is back home at school.

Stefan Seelmann, from Germany, is still going to school in his hometown as well. The Gross family hosted him.

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