Boys’ tennis team loses matches at Brookings

Boys' tennis team loses matches at Brookings by Jim Prosser The quadrangular at Brookings on Saturday, May 3 involved the Tanager boys' tennis team vs. the Brandon Valley Lynx and the Brookings Bobcats.

Tanager coach Nick Hovden indicated that the Milbank team had to leave early for their prom so were unavailable for their scheduled match.

"We played fairly well in Brookings," he said. "Against BV, we let a couple singles matches slip away (which we might have won).

"With the doubles, the kids are hitting the ball well, but just aren't scoring those critical points," he continued. "It's a matter of time before we roll over the hump and start winning. We are so close!

"Against Brookings, our singles went great," Hovden added. "I think the kids were fatigued from the continuous play throughout the day and just were unable to finish off the doubles matches."

First match team scores: BVHS � 6; VHS � 3.

Singles: Jason Holoch (V) def. Brian Wehrkamp (BV) 8-1; Kyle Klein (BV) def. Geng Wang (V) 9-7; Tom Engelbretson (BV) def. Nathan Scheidel (V) 8-4; Jack Higgins (V) def. Phil Rossing (BV) 8-4; Josh Herr (BV) def. Steve Foltz (V) 8-5; Matt Hubbell (BV) def. Dan Day (V) 8-3.

Doubles: Holoch/Wang (V) def. Wehrkamp/Engelbretson (BV) 8-2; Klein/Herr (BV) def. Scheidel/Higgins (V) 8-5; Rossing/Hubert (BV) def. Foltz/Day 8-0.

Second match total team scores: BHS � 5; VHS � 4.

Singles: Holoch (V) def. Joe Kippley (B) 8-2; B.J. Flynn (B) def. Wang 9-7; Scheidel (V) def. Alex Kalobrek 8-3; Higgins (V) def. Dan Stratton 8-5; Dave Hieferman (B) def. Foltz 8-2; Kyle Bendes (B) def. Day 8-2.

Doubles: Kippley/Flynn def. Holoch/Wang 8-5; Kalobrek/ Stratton def. Scheidel/ Higgins 8-1; Foltz/Day def. Hieferman/Bendes 8-4.

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