Clubs Kiwanis Club supports local soccer

The Vermillion Kiwanis Club met March 26 with members and two guests, Nate Solberg and Rich Job. Job presented a program on the Vermillion Youth Soccer League that involves almost 500 kids, ages 5-19. Job emphasized parental involvement and teaching of sportsmanship. Scholarships, the new soccer complex and sponsorships of a team were explained.

The Vermillion Kiwanis Club met April 9 with members and two guests. The group voted to donate to the Vermillion Youth Soccer League. President Mount presented information on the Relay for Life scheduled for May 3. The group voted to donate to the American Cancer Society.

The Vermillion Kiwanis Club met April 30 with members and two guests. Laura Dimock, coordinator of the After School Program, presented information on their summer and school year programs, staff and resources.

The Vermillion Kiwanis Club meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month at noon at Pro's. Please contact President Janet Mount for additional information.

Vermillion Beautiful sends thank yous

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. met May 8 at the Austin-Whittemore house. The group is grateful to all the contributors who donated in some way. Individual thank you letters are being sent.

Danielle Buechler, philantropy chair for the Greek organizations on campus, wrote to Judy Clark, Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. president, thanking us for the opportunity to help on April 26. Members of several sororities and fraternities spaded flower plots that day.

Work that needs to be done before the May 17 planting date includes: 1. The May newsletter sent. Brenda Martens and Delores Jorgensen will help with this. 2. Tilling of the new beds by the hospital, and the established ones on Main and Cherry streets. 3. Planting five amur maples trees on the side streets after permission is secured. 4. A letter and maps sent out to the contact people for each organization planting flowers. 5. An article written for the paper about the project encouraging anyone interested to come and help.

There was a discussion on what size the plants will be. Too small plants cannot be mulched with much depth. It was suggested that next year we specify a size in the letter sent out for bids.

A planting instruction meeting will be held May 15 at 7 p.m. at the Austin-Whittemore house in preparation for Saturday, May 17. Ron Thaden will be present to help instruct the contact people. All individual volunteers and those working with groups will meet at the parking lot of the Community First Bank at 9 a.m. on May 17. Please bring planting tools. The next official meeting of Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. will be June 12, the second Thursday of June.

Rotary hears dog rescue speaker

The Vermillion Rotary Club with Barry Vickrey presiding met May 13 for our weekly lunch at the Silver Dollar. Guests today included Donna Tucker, Cheryl Feight, Jim Korcuska, and Phil Wojtalewiez. Before proceeding to our program we had some discussion followed by a vote on the long-in-the-works proposal for relocating our weekly meetings to better accommodate our burgeoning numbers. Sometime early next fall we will begin meeting in the main meeting room of the renovated Neuharth Center at the northwest corner of the USD campus. Various catering arrangements will be tried for the first three months and then we'll opt for a more permanent service.

Our program today was presented by Cheryl Feight on behalf of a large movement here (and abroad) dedicated to "dog rescue." No, this is not who you call up when you need to be rescued by a dog. Nor, for that matter, when you need to be rescued from a dog. Rather these are programs set up to rescue dogs that have been abandoned or whose owners cannot keep them any longer.

Through various dog or breed rescue organizations and networks many dogs are finding their way to new homes and bringing their new owners the love and attention that two-legged animals tend to provide less dependably. Dog rescue people do much work in coordination with local "humane societies" part of whose job, as we know, is to euthanize many of the animals that have been picked up but not claimed. (Nationwide fewer than 40 percent of dogs who are brought to the pound are claimed by new owners.)

But dog rescue people work solely on the life-saving part of this endeavor. They assist not only in finding new owners for abandoned dogs, but also arrange for veterinary procedures and often provide training for dogs that need some work to become acceptable pets. Most dog rescue work is rather breed-specific so that volunteers become expert on the special behaviors and needs of the boxers or spaniels or border collies, etc.

When people looking for a dog have at least a provisional notion that they want a certain kind of dog, they can very often make connection with people in the dog rescue movement who know about that breed and may well know of one that needs a home. If you "google" on "dog rescue" and add a breed, you will have your start at what may turn into a beautiful relationship.

Worrying a little about whether mutts and mongrels had a chance through these dog lovers' organizations I googled "dog rescue mutts" and was happy to see that there were some pages for those animals as well. A seasonal note: at the end of the college school year in Vermillion it is often the case that some animals have been left behind. Now is an excellent time to keep an eye out for possible abandoned animals and to consider whether you have a home for one.

Pitch players shoot the moon

The Senior Center had two tables with eight players for dominos Tuesday, May 6, a real spring day. Highs were Mary Bartels and Maxine Millette and Babe Manning tied at the other table. Lows were June Munkvold and Veronica Heimes. Mid-point was Nyla Fosvedt. Join us; we'll teach you and enjoy your company.

On Wednesday, May 7, there were 19 bridge and 20 pitch players, with three tables, at the center. The wind was coming up, but helped cool the workers. Winners in bridge were Maurice Erickson, first; Adeline Isaacson, second; Shirley Riehle, third; Max Christol and Marlys Miller tied for blind bogey; and Luceal Liffengren, low.

Liffengren and Lola Christensen served lunch.

Pitch players were agog with four moon hands! Most unusual! Join the luck!

Women celebrate Founder's Day

A Founder's Day Breakfast was celebrated by Eta Chapter, Vermillion, and Xi Chapter, Yankton, of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International April 26 at the Buffalo Run Winery.

Carol King, Eta chapter president, gave the welcome to the 31 members and guests. Dorothea Merril, Xi president, gave the response.

Following the food service, Mary Geffre Johnson, awards chairman, presented the following awards. The Eta Chapter Achievement Award was presented to Brenda Martens for her 24 years of dedication, leadership and service to Eta Chapter. She served as state president and attended three international conventions.

Service awards were presented to Florence Hoffman, 54 years of service; Hazel Linderman Perkins, 49 years; Mildred Herren, 47 years; Eleanor Offerdahl and Mildred Rothgarn, 40 years; Bonnadell Fredrickson and Doris Winters, 37 years; Helen Manley and Marlys Stensaas, 35 years; Cleo Kosters, 30 years, and Janet Hoff, 25 years. Members were presented certificates of recognition.

The Founder's Day skit was presented, titled "Founders Are Flowers in the Garden of Life." Eta members portrayed founders and each told of her accomplishments in organizing Delta Kappa Gamma in Austin, TX in 1929.

Members were encouraged to attend the state convention in Watertown June 13-14 at the Ramkota Inn with Kappa Chapter as hostesses for the meeting. Dr. Constance Hoag, Sioux City, IA, will be the international representative at the convention.

Marjean Barta, chairman of the decorating committee, prepared the tables beautifully with a springtime theme of flowers, birdhouses and butterflies.

The chapter will discontinue meetings during the summer months, but will sponsor a rummage sale in September and meetings will continue.

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