Conroy appointed Kansas legislative director

Conroy appointed Kansas legislative director Alan D. Conroy, of Topeka, KS, has recently been appointed director of the Kansas Legislative Research Department. The agency is the central non-partisan staff agency that serves the 125 member Kansas House of Representatives and the 40 member Kansas Senate. The Legislative Research Department through 37 staff members, provides research, policy and fiscal analysis for the Kansas Legislature.

Conroy earned a masters of arts degree in political science and public administration from Wichita State University in 1979 and a bachelor of arts degree in political science from The University of South Dakota in 1977. Conroy graduated from Vermillion High School in 1973. He and his wife, Julie, have four children. Conroy is the son of Joe and Leota Conroy of Vermillion.

Conroy was appointed director by the Kansas Legislative Coordinating Council, which is comprised of the leadership of the Kansas Legislature. Conroy has worked in the agency since 1983, including the last 11 years as chief fiscal analyst for the Kansas Legislature. Prior to that, Conroy was a budget analyst in the Kansas governor's budget division. Conroy also was one of the first to serve as a Kansas Governor's Fellow, a year long state government internship for graduate students.

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