Do you know a Teen Angel?

Do you know a Teen Angel? You may know a Teen Angel � they are all over Vermillion. Thanks to a request for additional volunteer hours at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center, Teen Angels have been sighted over and over again.

The Teen Angel Program at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center (SVVCC) was introduced in the spring of 2002. In an effort to provide the residents of the care center more opportunities for individual outings, outdoor walks around the campus and more one-on-one interaction, Kathy Van Kley, activities director and volunteer coordinator, decided to enlist the help of the youth of Vermillion.

Van Kley visited Vermillion High School to recruit volunteers for her new program and was met with a very enthusiastic crowd of participants � 21, and in the 350 hours of service provided over the course of the summer months and through this school year.

It is now time to renew the program for summer 2003. Kathy Van Kley will be at Vermillion High School looking for more volunteers in the weeks ahead.

"This has been such a positive experience for both the volunteers and residents. The students truly enjoy the time they are spending here and our residents are thrilled with the extra special attention and individual relationships with the students," she said.

"I loved coming to the care center last year and walking with the residents, playing bingo and filling bird feeders. I am really looking forward to this summer," said Ali Christensen, Teen Angel.

Teen Angels must be high school age or older. To learn more about the Teen Angel program or to sign up for the summer 2003 program, please contact the activities department at Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center at 638-8427.

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