Four businesses caught in second city beer sting

Four businesses caught in second city beer sting by David Lias The Vermillion Police Department has conducted a second beer sting in the city, and four businesses allegedly served alcohol to underage individuals.

The sting checked 21 Vermillion businesses. According to an announcement released by the police department Thursday, Choice Pharmacy, Coyote Convenience, Freedom Convenience and Pump 'N Stuff Convenience sold beer to minors.

The 15 businesses that passed the sting were: Bunyan's, Casey's, Chae's, Coastal Mart, Hy-Vee, Jones' Food Center, Little Italy's, Mexico Viejo, Pizza Hut, Pro's, Pump 'N Pak, Requerdos, Shop EZ and Silver Dollar.

Charges of selling beer to minors were filed against six businesses and individuals following the first beer sting held a few weeks ago.

According to the Vermillion Police Department, Freedom Convenience was the only business found in violation during both sting operations.

The police department will seek charges against both the individuals who conducted the transactions and the business establishments caught in the latest sting.

"Underage drinking is a significant issue in today's society. Vermillion and South Dakota are no different," said Vermillion Police Chief Art Mabry. "As a community, we have an obligation to do all that is possible to address the issue. The resources currently available are a combination of enforcement and education."

Mabry said enforcement includes tools such as compliance checks, business checks and DWI checkpoints, all of which are conducted by the Vermillion Police Department.

"The best educational tool for businesses involved in alcohol sales is the Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) training which is provided by the Clay County Sheriff's Department," Mabry said. "I commend those businesses that demonstrated responsibility by refusing to sell to individuals who were underage. I am also encouraged that of the six businesses that were in violation during the last operation only one was a repeat offender.

"Unfortunately, 22 percent of the businesses failed to demonstrate that responsibility," he said. "The police department will continue using all available resources to address this issue."

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