Letters Don't leave mess when walking dog

To the editor:

Do you have your plastic bag? Walking your dog is good exercise and fun for both of you. But, allowing your dog to leave a mess in someone's front yard or boulevard is not good. No one likes to see, step into, or mow into your dog's deposit.

It is very easy to carry the lightweight plastic bag along. Plastic grocery bags work very well. An extra plastic newspaper bag, which is less bulky, in your pocket is sometimes needed also.

Here's how to use you plastic bag. After you dog is finished, place you foot into the loop on the end of your dog's leash and step down so he can't run off. Then put your hand into the plastic bag and pick up your dog's waste. The plastic protects your hand from direct contact with your dog's feces. Continue to grasp the waste as you use your other hand to slip the bag over and off the hand clasping the feces. Having turned the bag outside in, all you now have to do is tie a knot in the bag and you can again be on your way.

Upon arriving home, merely deposit the sealed plastic bag in your garbage can. You would be surprised at the good feeling you receive from carrying a plastic bag. It serves as visual evidence that you are trying to help keep our neighborhoods clean.

A final annoyance is allowing your dog to run loose. First and foremost, it is against the law. Secondly, meeting a dog without a leash while walking my dog is very frightening. Who knows what your dog is going to do to my dog or me! Finally, allowing your dog the freedom to spray someone else's shrubs or leave his deposit is an act no one appreciates.

Sincerely yours,

Beth M. Johnson


Vermillion Beautiful grateful for support

To the editor:

If you drove through Vermillion last Saturday morning, you had to have been impressed at the huge turn out of volunteers who planted almost 6,000 flowers on Main and Cherry streets. There are few communities that can boast of such dedicated citizens.

I even had a call from a town in a nearby state wanting to know how we managed to accomplish this feat, so that they could try to emulate our success.

On behalf of Vermillion Beautiful I want to thank all those who gave up a Saturday morning to make this beautification effort possible. That so many groups and individuals turned out shows that there is broad-based community support for a beautiful Vermillion.

In another week we will try to list and thank all the individuals, groups and businesses that supported and worked to make the Saturday planting possible. It's a big list!

But I also want to thank several individuals who were always there when I needed them, and who have been the backbone of Vermillion Beautiful.

These hardworking members are Todd Brevik, Cleo Erickson, Delores and Dwain Jorgensen, Brenda Martens and Barb Yelverton. Thank you for making my job so much easier.

With grateful thanks to all of you who helped in any way.

Judy Clark, president

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc.

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